Meet Tammy Wester, TESS Volunteer

Meet Tammy Wester, TESS Volunteer

Q: What is your role at TESS Research Foundation?

I am a member of the TESS Leadership Team, which is basically the organization’s Volunteer Staff.  Specifically, I head our Community Outreach and Volunteer Program.  I raise awareness at community events and help organize fundraisers.  Right now I am collecting auction items for an event in May.  I also hand address a lot of envelopes during our end of year mailing!

Q: How does the work you are doing have the potential to help those with SLC13A5 Epilepsy?

Community outreach helps raise awareness about epilepsy and how many different types and causes of seizures there are out there.  Hopefully, we help erase any fear and stigma about epilepsy.

Q: What inspires you to contribute your time and skills to TESS?

I have known TESS Superhero, Colton, since he was born.  I have watched him work so hard to meet milestones like sitting and walking independently.  His long lashes and infectious laugh make him irresistible.  I can see how frustrated he is to be trapped in a body that doesn’t do what he wants it to do.  I will do everything I can to help him.

Q: Have you learned anything through your work with TESS Research Foundation that you’d like to share?

Yes – I’m always surprised by how many people I talk with who have been personally affected by seizures in one way or another.  Epilepsy is more common than I ever realized!

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