Meet Stephen Windisch, TESS Family & Community Ambassador

Meet Stephen Windisch, TESS Family & Community Ambassador

What is your role at TESS Research Foundation?

My role at TESS Research Foundation is to write the Science Summaries for the family newsletters, along with Dr. Tanya Brown, PhD. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my experience in reading research articles to make science more accessible to the community members of TESS.

How does the work you are doing have the potential to help children with SLC13A5 Epilepsy?

Hopefully, spreading information about the current SLC13A5 Epilepsy research will help to foster a connection between the science community, and the families of children with this condition. Funding from TESS has allowed for great strides to be made regarding SLC13A5 Epilepsy. My hope is that reading about these strides being made can help to garner excitement about the next steps and allow TESS to continue funding this research that will one day lead to better treatments, and a cure.

What inspires you to contribute your time and skills to TESS?

My niece, Meredith, is the only inspiration needed. Her happiness despite the challenges that she faces daily makes the thought of possibly improving the lives of children affected by SLC13A5 Epilepsy far and away inspiration enough to contribute my time.

Have you learned anything through your work with TESS Research Foundation that you’d like to share?

TESS Research Foundation has provided me with a real-life example of the potential impact that medical research can have on people. As a current medical student, I am in the midst of learning about a ton of different medical conditions, so much so that it can be hard to imagine there is more out there that is yet to be discovered. Being a part of TESS Research Foundation and learning about SLC13A5 Epilepsy has given me a clear understanding of the ever-expanding nature of the field of medicine, and the importance of continued learning even after graduating from medical school. I am very grateful for TESS Research Foundation providing me with this lesson, which I will take with me throughout my career.

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