Research Conferences

Every two years TESS organizes a Research Roundtable where we gather together international research and clinical experts in SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder. At these meetings, we learn about the ongoing basic science of SLC13A5, as well as the translational research surrounding SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder. Furthermore, we aim to build a community of scientists, clinicians, and families to develop a path forward to find a cure for SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder. These international leaders in the field exchange information and set a common course for the diagnosis, treatment, care, and cure of loved ones with SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder.

Attendees at the Research Roundtables:

  • Learn more about SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder
  • Discuss the most current research updates
  • Identify bench-to-bedside research priorities
  • Strengthen outreach to build awareness

We look forward to seeing you at our next Research Roundtable conference! For more information about SLC13A5 Research Roundtables, grants, or our research program, or to offer funding support for TESS Research Conferences, contact

Upcoming Research Conferences:

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