Mattia’s Superhero Story

Mattia’s Superhero Story

Mattia is a SLC13A5 Superhero. Here are a few fun facts Mattia’s parents shared with us!

  • Name: Mattia
  • Age: 8
  • Homecountry: Italy
  • His family describes him as a sunny child, always laughing and smiling even when he is sad. He can be stubborn and strong, as well as a sweet and loving warrior!
  • Mattia loves food. His favorite foods are pippi calzone, meatballs, pizza, and vegetables!
  • He loves the water: the sea, the sounds of the fountains, the swimming pool, and the shower.
  • Mattia loves the washing machine and watches it for hours. When he sleeps, he holds his green ball in his hand.
  • Mattia loves being outdoors and enjoys animals, especially dogs. He loves nature, sand, tractors, running in the countryside and going for walks.
  • Mattia loves his tablet with music and songs, and loves dancing and cartoons. He is energetic, and loves to jump on sofas and on the bed.

Mattia’s Medical Journey

Mattia was born in the South of Puglia in Italy. His seizures began shortly after birth. We traveled to specialists all over Italy for years to figure out WHY Mattia was having seizures and developmental delays. After a 4-year diagnostic odyssey, Mattia finally received a SLC13A5 genetic diagnosis in Milan. Today Mattia is in the first grade and attends a school that provides rehabilitation for disabled students.

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