Meet Lindsay Okamoto, TESS Development Director

Meet Lindsay Okamoto, TESS Development Director

Q: How does the work you are doing have the potential to help those with SLC13A5 Epilepsy?

My role is to help ensure the sustainability of TESS Research Foundation by developing, executing, and supporting our fundraising and stewardship initiatives. I work to spread awareness of SLC13A5 Epilepsy and the Foundation’s aims and help raise the funds necessary for our work to continue. Every gift and dollar raised goes toward research for treatments, care, and ultimately, a cure for SLC13A5 Epilepsy. Our mission is serious but connecting donors with philanthropic opportunities to make a difference and sharing the impact of their donations is fun! There is a critical need for financial resources to keep our research moving forward and every gift makes a difference.

Q: What inspires you to contribute your time and skills to TESS?

First and foremost, it is a privilege to get to know the children and families affected by SLC13A5 Epilepsy and to hear their stories. They are tenacious and resilient. I am also encouraged by the team and by the research and science occurring NOW that is leading to groundbreaking discoveries, including a path to gene therapy and other treatments for SLC13A5 Epilepsy. I am grateful to our donor community and to everyone who has helped TESS reach this point and am excited to contribute to this momentum.

Q: Have you learned anything through your work with TESS Research Foundation that you’d like to share?

Research and science are very complex, and it is exciting to see how rapidly progress can be made with financial resources, perseverance, and focus. In addition, the TESS Community is incredibly supportive, generous, and dedicated to making a difference for children and families impacted by SLC13A5 Epilepsy. I am grateful to be part of the team.

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