SLC13A5 International Research Roundtable 2022

SLC13A5 International Research Roundtable:

SLCs and DEEs– Transporters, Epilepsy and Disease

IST Austria, Raiffeisen Lecture Hall

September 7-8, 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended our SLC13A5 International Research Roundtable at IST Austria! We brought the SLC13A5 research community together to discuss current SLC13A5 research, learn from research from other transporters, and identify ways to collaborate.

Research topics included:

  • Clinical Overview of SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder
  • Understanding the disease mechanism through animal models including Drosophila, zebrafish, and mice
  • Role of Patient-Derived IPSCs
  • Biomarkers for SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder
  • Gene Therapy for SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder
  • Small Molecules and Repurposed Drug Screening for SLC13A5 Citrate Transporter Disorder.

Please email or with any questions.


Keynote Speaker: Renzo Guerrini, MD

University of Florence

Rachel Bailey, PhD

UT Southwestern

Thekla Cordes, PhD

University of Braunschweig

Vojtech Dvorak

CeMM Center for Molecular Medicine

Enrico Girardi, PhD

Solgate GmbH

Ralph Gradisch

Medical University of Vienna

Nejra Granulo

University of Vienna

Valeria Jaramillo-Martinez

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Judy Liu, MD, PhD

Brown University

Sara Matricardi, MD, PhD

Children’s Hospital “G. Salesi”

Gaia Novarino, PhD

Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Carsten Pfeffer, PhD


Brenda Porter, MD, PhD

Stanford University

David Sauer, PhD

University of Oxford

Dirk Schmitt

Taysha Gene Therapies

Harald Sitte, MD

Medical University of Vienna

Sonja Sucic, PhD

Medical University of Vienna

Tim Vogels, PhD

Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Tabea Wiedmer, PhD


Nicole Windisch, LPN

TESS Research Foundation

Grit Zahn, PhD

Eternygen GmbH